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As we look back on Display Week 2024, we’re amazed by the vast array of cutting-edge displays and the rapid advancements driving the industry forward. We’re grateful to have met so many individuals who are pioneering display technology and designing next generation display solutions that will be used in our homes, cars, shopping centers, public facilities and so much more.

At the exhibit, we witnessed the diversity of applications: from circular screens to 16K televisions, from glasses-free 3D displays to a forum exhibitor dedicating his presentation to displays used in the background of Hollywood movie sets. Not only is the variety of displays endless, but also the opportunities for test & measurement and research & development are unlimited when it comes to characterizing and validating these emerging displays.

Here are our top three highlights from Display Week:

1. The Cleanest Form of Probing with the Introspect RSH2 Remote Sampling Head

The biggest draw at the Introspect booth was none other than the RSH2 Remote Sampling Head. The RSH2 was born out of an internal desire and testing requirement to keep wires and signals clean. If you’ve experienced a crowded workbench with crossing signal probes or even faced the daunting task of attaching individual probes in hard-to-reach areas, you know exactly what we mean.

This multi-conductor general-purpose probe solution provides a simple connectorized interface for easy attachment for up to 12 active probes, integrated into a clean form factor, attaching to parallel, high-speed buses.

At our booth, the live demo included a laptop with the exposed logic board being probed with an RSH2 that is interfaced to our SV5C-eDP Embedded DisplayPort Analyzer. Tech professionals and enthusiasts were astounded and curious at the combination of the bare bones laptop and RSH2, commenting, “I need one for my workbench,” throughout the three days.

RSH2 with laptop and analyzer
Featuring the RSH2 and exposed logic board with our SV5C-eDP Analyzer

2. An Engaging Exhibitor Forum Presentation

Our lead DisplayPort engineer, Nadine Kolment, was on-hand to deliver a presentation titled, How to Make a 20 Gbps DisplayPort Link Work Reliably, giving the audience an understanding of some of the most common issues for bringing up high-speed panel displays. And in doing so, she demonstrated how our Introspect generator can be programmed to create different kinds of DisplayPort streams and video timings as well as signal impairments.

This presentation led to several engaging interactions about the tools Introspect creates!

Exhibitor Forum Presentation
Exhibitor Forum Presentation

3. The Answer is Usually Yes

Do we cover DP, eDP Analyzers and Generators, C-PHY, D-PHY, I3C, LPDDR… do we have a pattern generator? Yes, yes and yes! The engineering teams at Introspect have been working feverishly, adding numerous validation and characterization tools, increasing the number of supported protocols and instruments to optimize a workbench for efficiency and productivity. And because our equipment is built on our own proprietary hardware and software, we’re efficient in our builds and able to pass along the cost-savings to our customers.

Introspect Booth at Display Week
Introspect Booth at Display Week

Final Thoughts

Attending this industry exhibition allowed us to hear some honest, real, and valuable input from engineers and what challenges they face in developing their display designs. After briefly describing our products to one engineer from a world-renowned tech company, they looked at our tools and said, “I don’t use these products every day, but I deal with the consequences of not using these products every day”. It was instantly clear how, in tech, developing even the simplest consumer experiences requires customized and streamlined test instruments – of which Introspect creates. As a research & development company, we thrive on feedback from customers and the industry to create products that solve unique and significant challenges.

Until next year! We’re excited for a year of industry advancements and look forward to showing our latest test & measurement tools at Display Week 2025.

Want to learn more about the RSH2 or other products? Talk to our team by emailing us at

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