The E Series is a game changer in system-level testing for high-speed protocols. It has evolved from being a tester to a highly integrated emulator; with either host controller or device emulation capabilities, the E Series can perform the same functions as a system in a mission environment. Your investment in this product will also yield long-term benefits as the E Series is suitable for high-volume manufacturing.

Ideal for

  • System-level test of IC in high-volume manufacturing
  • Firmware development and regression
  • Applications engineering and demonstration platform development
  • Machine learning and vision software qualification

Key Features at a Glance

  • Complete protocol flexibility
  • Compatible physical layer signaling
  • Simple software interface


Complete multi-lane I3C protocol exerciser
SV4E MIPI Receive Device Emulator
Receive device emulator for MIPI C-PHY
SV4E MIPI Receive Device Emulator
Receive device emulator for MIPI D-PHY
SV4E MIPI Transmit Device Emulator
Transmit device emulator for MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY

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