In support of its high-speed interface specifications, MIPI® Alliance has created a group of protocol layers for controlling and managing low-speed components. These protocol layer standards are grouped under the MIPI Control and Data family of specifications. Examples of components defined by these standards are the various sensors that exist on a smart phone and the various components related to audio processing. Defining standard protocols for controlling these components helps shorten time to market and enhances product robustness. The reason is that an entire ecosystem of IP providers, simulation vendors, and test and measurement manufacturers exists to support the development of these protocols.

Introspect Technology’s E Series modules and probes are ideal for the design and debug of control and data interfaces such as those defined by MIPI Alliance.

Industry Challenges

  • Supporting complex control and data protocols in short time frames
  • Creating interoperability systems for validation and debug

Introspect Capability

  • Complete exercising and protocol analysis of low-speed protocols
  • Low cost, high bandwidth, and multi-channel active probe solutions
  • PurVue Analyzer™: Brand new I3C protocol-triggered real-time oscilloscope compatible with SV4E-I3C I3C Test and Debug Module, thus eliminating the need for external active probes or benchtop oscilloscopes.


PurVue Analyzer™
Embedded real-time oscilloscope for SV6E-X
PV1 Active Probe
PV1 Universal Active Probe
Probing Solution with 5 GHz Bandwidth

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