The M Series line introduces a new class of massively parallel SerDes validation testers that are ideal for high-volume data collection and characterization. Constructed using a collection of Introspect Technology’s D Series modules that are operated seamlessly using Introspect’s award-winning software, Pinetree, these massively parallel testers are able to interface to high-speed devices in their entirety. Look at a typical Applications Processor for example, and you will quickly realize that it is wrapped completely in high-speed interfaces with hundreds of lanes. The M Series is the only solution in the industry that is able to fully test all of these interfaces rapidly and accurately.

Ideal for

  • High-volume characterization
  • Test stand automation including device power supplies, handlers, and thermal control units

Key Features at a Glance

  • Up to 112 pattern generators and 112 error detectors per tester
  • Up to 32 Gbps per lane
  • Complete suite of characterization features including jitter injection, jitter measurement, equalization control and analysis, clock recovery, and bit error rate testing
  • Device test bus control using a built in vector sequencer or using industry standard bus control tools
  • Device manipulator and handler control within an integrated software environment


M5512 GDDR7 Memory Test System
ATE-on-Bench for GDDR7 Characterization and Test
SV7M-LPDDR5PA LPDDR5 Protocol Analyzer
High-Performance Debug, Compliance Validation, and Analysis

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