The MIPI® Alliance offers two specifications for implementing mobile displays: the Display Serial Interface (DSI℠) and the Display Serial Interface 2 (DSI-2℠). These specifications enable the creation of very high resolution displays while using exceptionally power-efficient physical layers. For this reason, MIPI DSI and DSI-2 based displays have become the devices of choice for high-end smart phone manufacturers, and they are also increasingly used in non-mobile applications such as infotainment systems or wearables.

Modern DSI and DSI-2 implementations include advanced innovations, such as compression, spread-spectrum clocking, and Bus Turnaround (BTA), which give rise to substantial design and validation challenges. Fortunately, Introspect Technology has created the most complete suite of test tools for display driver integrated circuits (DDICs) as well as completely assembled display panels, ranging from protocol exercising and analysis to high-volume production testing and system-level emulation.

Industry Challenges

  • Lane distribution and merging
  • Ultra high resolution packet/frame testing and analysis
  • High frame rates and strict video timings
  • Protocol based compression parameter definition and transmission
  • Spread-spectrum clocking
  • Complex conformance test requirements

Introspect Capability

  • Combo instruments that support DSI/DSI-2 on multiple physical layers
  • Optimized tools that achieve the most stringent video timing requirements
  • Deep capture memory and infinite-duration, real-time packet error analysis
  • Complete support for advanced DSI-2 features in versions 1.0, 1.1, and upcoming versions
  • Conformance test suites for transmitter and receiver links


Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY analyzer — ultimate product for dual roadmap development
SV4E MIPI Receive Device Emulator
Receive device emulator for MIPI C-PHY
SV4E MIPI Receive Device Emulator
Receive device emulator for MIPI D-PHY
SV4E MIPI Transmit Device Emulator
Transmit device emulator for MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY
Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY generator — ultimate product for dual roadmap development
Ultra-portable, high-performance MIPI C-PHY analyzer
Ultra-portable, high-performance MIPI C-PHY generator
Ultra-portable, high-performance MIPI D-PHY analyzer
Shown: SV3C-DPTX D-PHY Generator
Ultra-portable, high-performance MIPI D-PHY generator


MIPI C-PHY Reference Termination Board
PV1 Active Probe
PV1 Universal Active Probe
Oscilloscope and protocol analyzer probing solution for multi-Gbps applications

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