MIPI® I3C℠ is a bus interface for interconnecting peripheral devices such as sensors to microcontrollers or applications processors. Building on the decades old I2C and SPI interfaces, MIPI I3C provides a modern, low-power, and unified interface that is manufactured using standard CMOS technology. Still using a 2-wire bus, it supports transfer speeds in excess of 10 Mbps, and it offers unique features such as dynamic master definition and dynamic addressing.

With I3C technology, we’re able to reach a much higher level of performance, albeit not without new design and validation challenges. For example, the high operating rates mean that test tools need to achieve timing resolutions in the nanosecond range while remaining cost-effective for mass deployment. What’s more, the dynamic nature of the bus creates a great deal of complexity in the associated state machines, necessitating the need for complete, hardware-based test tools. You’ll find no better I3C design and test instruments than those offered by Introspect Technology for addressing these challenges and more.

Industry Challenges

  • High operating speeds when compared to I2C
  • Complex state machines
  • SDR and HDR operating modes
  • Dynamic addressing and dynamic master selection
  • Multiple bus configurations

Introspect Capability

  • High-performance modules with nanosecond timing resolution
  • High-performance and cost-effective probing solutions
  • Device emulation of masters, slaves, or multi-mode end points
  • Passive protocol analysis (sniffing) of any I3C bus
  • Features for characterization and screening


Complete multi-lane I3C protocol exerciser


PV1 Active Probe
PV1 Universal Active Probe
Oscilloscope and protocol analyzer probing solution for multi-Gbps applications

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