Originally introduced to replace legacy analog display technology interfaces, DisplayPort (DP(R)) has rapidly evolved to become the de facto global standard for connecting to high-performance displays in multiple form factors. It uses state-of-the-art digital communications protocol technology and extremely robust analog physical layer specifications to enable the most immersive display experiences — experiences that drive applications such as multi-monitor streaming, high refresh-rate gaming, and ultra high-resolution displays. More importantly, with increasing emphasis on single-cable connections such as Type-C and embedded connections in mobile form factors, DisplayPort also offers highly sophisticated protocol options that not only drive bandwidth but also protocol flexibility.

Introspect Technology has created a complete set of solutions for DisplayPort design validation, characterization, and production testing. Our solutions contain a wide host of protocol features for validating DisplayPort v1.4 and v2.0 implementations (among others), and they simultaneously include the most complete range of physical-layer features that enable testing receiver sensitivity and equalization capability. Most importantly, our solutions work with the ultra-flexible Introspect ESP Software, thus offering complete flexibility in controlling and validating the highly complicated DP communications protocols.

Industry Challenges

  • Extremely high data rates
  • Closed-eye testing and link equalization training
  • Complex protocols for multi-stream transport, secondary packets, low-power mode, and others
  • Tight coupling between physical layer features (e.g. equalization) and protocol layer features (e.g. training)

Introspect Capability

  • Up to 26 Gbps coverage for v2.0 support
  • Pattern generators that support link training, multi-stream transport, audio streaming, and all other DP features
  • Pattern generators that support receiver stress testing using jitter injection, noise injection, and spread-spectrum clocking
  • Analyzers that can act as a sink (and negotiate link capability with a source device under test) or as a sniffing (probing) analyzer
  • Wide array of probing and repeater solutions that are transparent to the equalization training sequences between source and sink devices


SV7C Personalized SerDes Tester
All-in-one, phase-aligned bit error rate tester (BERT) and protocol exerciser and analyzer
SV5C-eDPRX from a bird's eye view
SV5C-eDP Analyzer
Complete analysis of DP and eDP systems
SV5C-eDP Generator
SV5C-eDP Generator
High-performance for Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort applications


PV2 Probes
PV2 Universal Active Probe
Probing Solution with 8 GHz Bandwidth

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