Montreal, Canada, June 21, 2023 — Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement products for high-speed applications, is pleased to announce that two of its products have been nominated for a prestigious Electronics Industry Award in the Test Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year category. The first product is the I3C PurVue Analyzer™ — the oscilloscope you can take anywhere — which provides a real-time, high-resolution, single-shot view of I3C signals. The second nomination is for the SV7C Personalized SerDes Tester, a game-changing phase-aligned bit error rate tester (BERT), Protocol Exerciser and Analyzer. To increase their chances of winning the award, Introspect Technology asks for each individual reading this to vote for them in the Test Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year category.

Why the I3C PurVue Analyzer™ merits the title of Test Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year:

The essence of the Introspect Technology I3C PurVue Analyzer™ is that it combines two standalone instruments into one: It takes the powerful protocol analyzer of the SV4E-I3C I3C Test and Debug Module and adds a complete high-resolution real-time oscilloscope that simultaneously samples the protocol analyzer inputs. In other words, it is an embedded 500 MHz, 12-bit I3C protocol-triggered real-time oscilloscope with 2 simultaneous channels. It provides internal probing of SCL and SDA signals within the SV4E-I3C I3C Test and Debug Module, thus eliminating the need for external active probes or bench-top oscilloscopes.

Why the SV7C Personalized SerDes Tester merits the title of Test Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year:

Not only is the SV7C Personalized SerDes Tester designed to address the challenges associated with high-speed digital interface testing, it is a game-changer for the test and measurement industry. Its advanced capabilities and features, such as its ability to emulate complex communication channels, make it a unique solution that sets it apart from other SerDes testers in the market. The SV7C integrates multiple tools into one – a pattern generator with feed-forward equalization, an error detector with programmable equalization and clock recovery, a full-functional protocol exerciser, and a full-functional protocol analyzer. Operating at up to 28 Gbps per lane and featuring 16 independent pattern generators and 16 independent data analyzers, the SV7C provides self-contained functional and physical layer test and measurement capabilities for interfaces such as DisplayPort 2.1, Thunderbolt, PCI Express, DDR and GDDR memory interfaces, USB, and JESD204C.

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The Electronics Industry Awards, organized by Components in Electronics (CIE) publisher Datateam Business Media, is back for 2023 to celebrate the very best professionals, products, projects and companies from across the electronics sector.

For a sixth year, the organizers look forward to giving professionals from across the electronics field a chance to celebrate their collective achievements and rewarding market leaders from across the blossoming sector at the Electronics Industry Awards ceremony at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden (London) on Thursday October 19, 2023.

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