San Jose, California, May 14, 2024 – Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement instruments for high-speed digital applications, announced today the release of the SV7C-eDP Embedded DisplayPort Generator. With the arrival of 16K displays and higher refresh rates come immense challenges for display engineers. The reason is that the underlying DisplayPort link is expected to operate at 20 Gbps while tolerating extreme levels of signal attenuation through cables and printed circuit board channels. It does so by deploying advanced signal processing and data processing algorithms in both the physical layer and the protocol layer. These algorithms are difficult to validate, and this is where the SV7C-eDP Embedded DisplayPort Generator shines. Integrated into one solution, the product creates a realistic and seamless, system-like test methodology, allowing engineers to perform test scenarios into the physical layer and the protocol layer at the same time. Live demonstrations of the SV7C-eDP Generator will occur at Display Week booth #1539 today until Thursday at the McEnery Convention Centre in downtown San Jose. 

The SV7C-eDP Generator represents a unique approach to testing, which is traditionally based on arbitrary waveform generators or bit error rate testers. The all-in-one system provides physical layer test and protocol testing, negating the need for additional hardware. On the one hand, the protocol layer is a video generator containing high-bandwidth memory and 8 Gbytes of memory, supporting up to 4 virtual channels and multi-stream and single-stream generation meanwhile supporting all power saving features such as panel self-refresh, panel replay and adaptive sync. Furthermore, having a separate and accessible physical layer allows receiver stress testing while playing video, which traditional generators cannot do. The physical layer includes the following, per lane: voltage amplitude control,voltage common mode control, jitter injection, sinusoidal voltage noise injection and per-wire timing skew. It thus enables obtaining deep insights into voltage and timing sensitivities for DisplayPort sink devices.  

The SV7C-eDP Generator creates traffic for Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort applications and includes a rich feature set:

  • Supported Data Rates: up to 26 Gbps with a fully continuous range of data rates
  • Lane Count: configurable from 1 to 4 lanes (ML1 to ML4) plus auxiliary channel (AUX)
  • Analog Controls: voltage amplitude and common mode voltage, each per lane
  • Signal Impairments: jitter injection, sinusoidal voltage noise injection, per-wire timing skew
  • Pattern Generation: full video frame generation with 8 GBytes of total pattern memory and with nested pattern sequencing 
  • Virtual Channels: Supports MST up to four virtual channels

This all‐in‐one system enables the simplest bench environment for physical layer test to full protocol layer validation and is powered by the award-winning highly versatile and intuitive Pinetree software, which enables both interactive operation and full test automation.

Don’t miss out on the live demonstration of the SV7C-eDP Generator and speak to our product and test engineers at Display Week booth #1539.


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