Montreal, Canada, May 1, 2024 – Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments for high-speed digital applications, announced the addition of the upcoming MIPI Camera Service Extensions (CSE℠) v2.0 specification to its entire line of SV5C MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY Generators and Analyzers. The extended features, which can be activated by license on existing hardware, pave the way for higher levels of automation with advanced driver-assistance systems.

As levels of driving automation increase, up to six levels as set out by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the requirement for safety-critical vision systems escalates. The new MIPI CSE v2.0 specification, expected to be published in May, is a key component of the forthcoming MIPI Security Framework, a framework designed to provide end-to-end protection of MIPI CSI-2® data streams. The new specification adds enablers for authentication to protect against unauthorized system components, integrity protection to prevent manipulation of data, and confidentiality to protect data privacy.

The addition of MIPI CSE v2.0 testing features to the Introspect Technology instruments provides leading developers with the early ability to validate and characterize next-generation designs targeting camera applications that require Security (Sec) and Functional Safety (FuSa). Developed in lockstep with the specification development itself, these instruments now provide a highly granular set of security controls covering the different segments of the CSI-2 image frame to enable a “sliding scale” of security levels to be implemented. This includes support for:

  • Multiple combinations of service tag modes.
  • Multiple security variants, including stride-pattern based message authentication and encryption.
  • Frame counters and message counters for replay detection.

Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Chief Executive Officer at Introspect Technology asserts, “For the automotive industry, a top requirement is to provide end-to-end functional safety and security mechanisms in autonomous vehicles that are independent of underlying communication network topology.” He continues, “Built upon established, industry recognized products, customers can take advantage of the flexibility of the new Introspect Technology CSE tools to design, develop, and test the way of the future.”

“As more image sensors are being deployed to support safety-critical ADAS and ADS applications, the advantages offered by CSE and the security framework become even more evident,” said Sanjiv Desai, MIPI Alliance chair. “We’re pleased to see Introspect Technology’s support for CSE and the security framework, which will help automakers streamline the incorporation of crucial functional safety and security enablers into their image sensor-based automotive systems.”

The MIPI CSE license can be activated immediately for use on applicable MIPI test systems produced by Introspect Technology. Operated using Introspect’s award-winning intuitive software, Pinetree™, a versatile integrated development environment, the wide range of CSE options can easily be verified for robustness and interoperability testing.

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