Montréal, Canada, September 19, 2018 — Introspect Technology, a MIPI Alliance Contributor member and maker of innovative products that address the entire multi-Gbps test and measurement instrument experience, announced today that the company is sponsoring as well as participating in demonstrations at MIPI DevCon Seoul conference in Seoul, South Korea, taking place on October 19, 2018 at the Millennium Seoul Hilton.

As both a leading developer and promoter of mobile and mobile-influenced industry specifications, Introspect Technology will be on site in Seoul to showcase flexible protocol-layer and physical-layer validation solutions using their ultra-compact instruments. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to observe Introspect Technology’s unique high-speed validation tools in action through live demonstrations including: testing of automotive camera systems, testing of smartphone display drivers and display panels, and I3C℠ control bus exercising. All demonstrations will apply the latest D-PHY℠, C-PHY℠, and I3C℠ standards.

Open to all MIPI Alliance members and industry representatives, the one-day conference will focus on how MIPI technology is facilitating new capabilities within mobile, Internet of Things, automotive, wearables, industrial, and augmented and virtual reality industries. The event will also provide MIPI specification developers and implementers with an important opportunity for training, education, and networking. In addition, press and analysts will be in attendance to cover the conference. If you are interested in participating in MIPI DevCon Seoul, please register online here. Attendees will be able to purchase the $49 USD early-bird registration rate until October 5, 2018. Thereafter, the registration fee will be $99 USD. For additional information about the conference, including details regarding the agenda, accommodation, and news updates, please visit the event website here.

About Introspect Technology

Introspect Technology offers the most extensible measurement and optimization tools for high-speed digital product engineering teams worldwide. Our portable, software-defined instruments deliver unprecedented productivity enhancement throughout all stages of multi-GHz product development from bring-up characterization to system-level integration and optimization. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ competitiveness, product quality, and time-to-market.

About MIPI Alliance

MIPI Alliance is a collaborative global organization serving industries that develop mobile and mobile-influenced devices. The focus of the organization is to design and promote hardware and software interfaces that simplify the integration of components built into a device, from the antenna and modem to peripherals and the application processor. MIPI Alliance crafts all of its specifications to meet the stringent operating conditions required in mobile devices: high-bandwidth performance, low power consumption, and low electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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