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Accelerating MIPI Interface Development & Validation


Your new design is complex and software-dominated. You are creating genius applications, and you’re extracting every bit of flexibility out of your high-speed interfaces; but the complexity is causing you to iterate like never before. Use your personalized Introspect Technology SV1C system and user environment to help you develop your complex applications and algorithms without ever having to enter the lab. Iterate as much as you need with your own personalized test system!


Your design project is nearing completion, and you have numerous hardware prototypes. Your product team is breathing down your neck for signal integrity validation results or even a quick YouTube demonstration showcasing the advances of your product. At the same time, the crammed and resource-constrained lab is fully utilized. Your personalized SV1C test system enables you to execute high-performance characterization without having to wait for expensive lab equipment access. We bring agile methods to the verification lab!


You are now ready to ramp production with your lead customer. Do you have to re-invent all the work that you have developed in the previous months into non-friendly ATE test vectors? Not with Introspect ESP, the award winning software environment for high-speed and mixed signal test. Use the same scripts that you have developed during development and verification, and deploy them on the direct attach SV1D modules. Finally, a true design-to-lab-to-production correlation solution that actually works!

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