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As engineers, even though we operate in a technical environment, it’s important to remind ourselves that all of our hard efforts actually benefit a human being. From designing and improving specifications, to characterizing and validating communication protocols within electronics, testing and measuring will always benefit real people. With technology evolving in a wide array of industries, we hone in on the direction of innovations in close proximity to people on a daily basis.

Display Screens as the Path to Enabling a Request for Information

While mobile, desktop, and automobile manufacturers create products with different purposes, these products have a few similarities in their functionality. Perhaps what a smartphone, laptop computer and car have in common is that they are all programmed to allow the everyday user to achieve something. Whether it’s an instant search query, playing a video game, or adjusting the temperature inside a car, they all include a display screen as an interface to make their request for information. In all of these examples, there is always a person wanting something, and expecting that information to be delivered in the blink of an eye.

Behavior Dictates the Demand for New Technology

Record speed of delivery of information is what most theories of the future of electronics have in common: next-level instant, quiet and effortless results. When we take a look at our behavior as a society today, we are so used to obtaining things quickly, to the extent that whenever we have a sudden desire for something (whether tangible or in the form of information) we expect answers instantaneously. Even more so, many industries critically rely on the integrity and full functionality of technology to provide answers that so often have the power to change people’s lives such as safety, automotive, and healthcare innovations.

Innovations of the future will continue to be derived from our current behavior and will attempt to fulfill demands such as: how can I look something up on Google without having to carry my smartphone everywhere? Or, how can I increase the temperature in my office, open the blinds and play my favorite song all without needing to stand-up? Without calling out a set date for these theories, and without even getting into artificial intelligence or robotics yet, these seemingly small-scale innovations are already starting to make their appearance on the market, and their mainstream availability is quickly approaching.

Evolving Sensor Technology

It is fascinating how in future predictions, technology will continue to be ever-present yet more and more invisible. Not only is technology advancing for the personal bubble, such as the capabilities of our smartphones and homes turning into their own virtual ecosystem, but there is also an abundance of advancements in the world of healthcare, commercial and public space innovations. Imagine walking into a store, taking what you need and walking out of the shop without physically paying for anything. Sensors at the door (and everywhere in the store) allow you to walk out and charge your account at a distance. Quiet and non-disruptive technology is where we are headed, but there is still so much to discover and improve on with regards to making this type of technology widely available.

Product Availability Doesn’t Just Happen Overnight

Unless you have a comprehensive understanding for how electronic devices become available for purchase or are integrated in public institutions, the average person has no idea about all the designing, validating, fabricating, testing, and everything in between that is involved in creating such advanced systems. For a mobile phone as we know it to be transformed into a bracelet and illuminate a screen on your wrist, this capability won’t just appear out of the blue. There will be numerous testing procedures involved to ensure the product works as it is intended to, as is the case with current technology today.

As test and measurement experts, Introspect Technology’s direct contribution is critical to the success of new electronic devices, even though it can be perceived as invisible to the eye of the average electronics user. If Introspect solutions can help make devices work as they were designed to, and be a partner to electronic manufacturers, that’s how we know we are fulfilling our mission. With the electronics industry constantly evolving, it is our duty to be curious, educated, and skilled at developing the test and measurement solutions for the technology of tomorrow.

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