Date: August 6 to 8, 2024

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

Time of Introspect’s Presentation: Thursday, August 8th, 8:30 a.m.



FMS: the Future of Memory and Storage is an all-inclusive international memory and storage showcase. Serving as a centralized hub for professional growth, industry connections, and customer engagement, Future of Memory and Storage provides a comprehensive platform for all stakeholders in the field.

Introspect Presence

Ahead of the curve, Introspect has recently launched the world’s first GDDR7 memory test system. Having long created test and measurement solutions for engineers, Introspect Technology’s M5512 GDDR7 Memory Test System is the first commercial solution for testing JEDEC’s newly minted Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR7) SGRAM specification. Exhibiting and presenting, Introspect is your go-to partner for all things memory testing.

Demos: Booth #851

Learn how Introspect’s M5512 GDDR7 Memory Test System enables graphics memory engineers, GPU design engineers, product engineers in both memory and GPU spaces to rapidly bring up new GDDR7 memory devices. Additionally, be one of the first to experience our all-inclusive memory test system for next-generation DDR5 multiplexed-rank dual inline memory modules with the M5513 DDR5 MR-DIMM Module Test System. Drop by booth #851 and take part in the action!

Conference Presentation: Design of a 72-Channel, 40 Gbps PAM3 ATE-on-Bench Test System for GDDR7 Memories

The new GDDR7 specification poses test challenges that have not been experienced before in the industry. In this presentation, Erin Holley, Senior Member of Technical Staff and lead engineer on memory solutions at Introspect will describe the design of a test solution for GDDR7 memory ICs. On one hand, the presentation will describe analog design trade offs associated with creating low-latency bidirectional PAM3 encoding on such a large scale. On the other hand, it will describe multiple digital technologies we deployed to enable true functional testing of memory cells within a GDDR7 IC. Finally, Ms. Holley will share innovative software solutions for command scheduling and stress testing of GDDR7 memories.

Attend this presentation as part of the Testing and Performance track on August 8th, at 8:30 a.m.


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