Montréal, Canada, September 28, 2021Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement tools for high-speed digital applications, announced today the release of the PV2 Universal Active Probe, its second-generation, 8 GHz in-system measurement solution for parallel, single-ended, wireline interfaces that are powering next-generation digital systems. To enable artificial intelligence and machine learning, these systems are built around multiple parallel interfaces that are blazingly fast and that connect the central processing elements with different memory, sensing, and data aggregation elements. One significant challenge that engineers face when validating and debugging these interfaces is the ability to measure them with non-intrusive probes that have enough bandwidth, and this is where the PV2’s 8 GHz analog bandwidth comes in.

The PV2 is ideal for probing full-width parallel wireline interfaces such as those found in DDR5 and LPDDR5 system implementations as well as MIPI Alliance® CSI-2SM or DSI-2SM system implementations. And by having a completely non-proprietary instrument interface, it dramatically enhances productivity by facilitating the attachment of a wide range of instruments to devices under test while minimizing circuit loading and maintaining signal integrity.

“When putting together entire mixed-technology designs, it is critical to be able to perform a myriad of measurements at the system level, and this is where a non-proprietary active probing solution becomes critical,” said Dr. Mohamed Hafed, CEO of Introspect Technology. “Recognizing this need, Introspect Technology set out to create a no-frills solution that provided low circuit loading and sufficient bandwidth for a wide range of applications,” he continued.

Typical Applications

With DDR5 and LPDDR5 interfaces crossing into data rate regimes well above 6 Gbps, the challenges associated with validating them and debugging them become immense. These interfaces require a large number of connections to be analyzed simultaneously. This is why the PV2 has been optimized for parallel probing, and this is why it is offered with a compact power supply that can power 10 probes simultaneously.

Similarly, MIPI imaging and display systems are starting to exceed 5 Gbps operating data rates, and they also require parallel, single-ended measurements. With its 8 GHz analog bandwidth, the PV2 is ideal for measuring these interfaces in both their low-power modes and their high-speed modes.

Implementations of peripheral buses such as QSPI constantly push printed circuit board limits in terms of frequency, timing, and latency. Such implementations benefit tremendously from a low-loading active probe solution that could attach to a protocol analyzer, oscilloscope, or functional tester. Finally, analog structures such as power distribution networks (PDNs) or termination circuits can be analyzed in the frequency domain through interfacing the PV2 to a spectrum analyzer.

Key Features

The PV2 Universal Active Probe has been optimized for low voltage applications covering a voltage dynamic range of 2.1 V. It has a male SMA connector for attachment to any 50 Ohm instrument. The probe amplifier is enclosed in a miniature body to allow for attachment in confined spaces, and a female signal socket allows for extending reach through short solder-in leads.


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