Montreal, Canada, April 9, 2020 — Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement tools for high-speed digital applications, is pleased to announce that two of its newest products have been selected as finalists for two prestigious 2020 Electronics Industry Awards. The first nomination is in the category of Test, Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year, and it went to Introspect Technology’s SV5C-12 Personalized SerDes Tester. The second nomination, going to Introspect Technology’s SV4E-CPRXG MIPI C-PHY Frame Grabber, was in the category of Engineering Development/Design Tool of the Year.

Voting is possible for anyone, and it can be submitted on the website of the Electronics Industry Awards 2020. Voting is open until May 22, 2020, and we urge all of our colleagues and valued customers to support Introspect Technology!


Why we think the SV5C-12 Personalized SerDes Tester is the Test, Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year:



Created to support manufacturers of CPU’s, DRAM memory chips, data buffer and register/control devices, as well as memory modules, the SV5C is the only tool in the industry that offers the capability to understand the global operating limits of JEDEC memory interface devices and also measure their real-world analog performance. By supporting a high performance physical layer and unique protocol layers, a single SV5C can be deployed to multiple device characterization programs. This enables users to support multiple product development roadmaps with a single instrument. For example, a CPU maker and a DRAM memory chip maker can both use the same instrument to ensure interoperability and significantly accelerate their joint time to market.

With the SV5C, companies can remain well ahead of the curve when it comes to JEDEC specifications evolution. For example, memory technology currently reaches 3.2 Gbps per pin, whereas the SV5C supports 12.5 Gbps per pin. This means that even as DDR5 starts to move to 6.4 Gbps and then >8 Gbps, the same SV5C will remain fully compatible with all of these future iterations of the standard. Additionally, the SV5C is designed to address the entire memory interface marketplace within its compact form factor, and this means that it contains I3C host controller interfaces for testing Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC), hub devices, and sideband bus devices. Indeed, developed in lock-step with some of the most advanced CPU and memory chip makers in the world, the SV5C is constantly supporting the latest protocol nuances. Simply put, the SV5C is rapidly becoming standard fare in any high-speed lab in which DDR5 development and characterization is being performed.


Why we think the SV4E-CPRXG MIPI C-PHY Frame Grabber Is the Engineering Development/Design Tool of the Year:


SV4E MIPI Receive Device Emulator

With the deployment of MIPI CSI-2 based sensors into a wider range of applications, there is a strong need for flexible and robust frame grabber solutions that can handle the latest physical layer characteristics of these sensors. Introspect Technology’s unique analog front-end technology means that users can achieve high-confidence sensor validation without worrying about physical attachment issues. Indeed, with the SV4E-CPRXG, Introspect Technology has become a key supplier for major chip, camera, and system companies developing with CSI-2 specifications. This one tool innovated by Introspect Technology has almost single-handedly contributed to the proliferation of C-PHY sensors in the market place. These sensors are generally more difficult to develop, and Introspect Technology’s expertise has been leveraged heavily to address this industry challenge.


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About the Electronics Industry Awards

The Electronics Industry Awards is a premier event that recognises outstanding people, products and business practices from across the electronics sector. The Awards scheme – organised by Datateam Business Media, in association with CIE Magazine – will return for 2020 with its unique format, which places the decision-making power into the hands of industry professionals. A new crop of winners will be inducted onto the ‘Roll of Honour’ during an evening ceremony taking place at the prestigious Tower Hotel in London on Thursday 24 September 2020.

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