Montréal, Canada, August 26, 2019 – Introspect Technology is pleased to announce a new sales and support partnership with Quantum Sales, covering the entire Canadian market. While Introspect has achieved tremendous global reach with its world-class products in the last few years, we recognize the great potential of the local Canadian technology market as a key component to our future growth. Through working closely with the highly capable team at Quantum Sales, we will now provide comprehensive pre- and post-sales support to a wide array of Canadian companies. We will combine our innovative products and solutions with Quantum Sales’ wide territory coverage in Canada to continue our push for outstanding and seamless electronics product development around the whole world.


About Quantum Sales, Inc.

Quantum Sales represents electronic component manufacturers in a diverse set of fields, including Wearables, IoT, Mobile Communication, Aerospace and Defense, and Industrial. With coverage across the entire Canadian market, Quantum Sales prides itself as being the “voice of the customer” while at the same time being equivalent to a professional, integrated member of the manufacturer’s sales team.


About Introspect Technology

Founded in 2012 through self-funding, Introspect Technology designs and manufactures innovative test and measurement equipment for high-speed digital applications. Whether it is the next smartphone or the level-4 autonomy engine in a mobility solution, our award-winning tools are used to develop, test, and manufacture next-generation products. In short, we help the leading global technology companies make tomorrow’s technology today’s possibility.

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