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 Lee Teschler

The SV4E-DPTXCPTX is a highly integrated system-level tester that facilitates the rapid screening, calibration, and optimization of MIPI Alliance-enabled devices. Such devices include high-resolution display panels or display driver ICs, advanced image signal processors, and microcontrollers used in mobile or IoT applications.

The SV4E-DPTXCPTX features a unique dual-mode DPHY/C-PHY analog front-end. It also integrates reconfigurable protocol stacks for the DSI, DSI-2, and CSI-2 standards. These features make it incredibly easy to create a realistic test setup for tuning and calibrating system parameters such as display color settings or power performance.


Dual-mode PHY: software configurable to act as a D-PHY or a C-PHY transmitter High bandwidth: up to 4.5 Gbps D-PHY signaling and 2.5 Gsps C-PHY signaling per lane; up to 4 lanes per port
Native protocol implementation: true CSI2, DSI, and DSI-2 controller instantiations include escape-mode capability and bus turnaround (BTA)
Easy to use: Introspect ESP Software enables interactive operation or full automation.


Future proof: Protect your investment by adopting a single tool for multiple product applications and across a large span of data rates.
Self-contained: An all‐in‐one system enables true protocol handshake and helps create a system-oriented testing methodology.
Automated: Scripting capability works well for debug tasks, firmware verification, and full‐fledged production screening of devices and system modules.

Table of the SV4E-DPTXCPTX's specifications
Table of the SV4E-DPTXCPTX’s specifications


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