Montréal, Canada, August 22, 2018 — Introspect Technology, maker of innovative products that address the entire multi-Gbps test and measurement instrument experience, today announced the release of the SV5C Personalized SerDes Tester, a highly capable BERT solution enabling the simultaneous test and validation of 16 lanes running at up to 17 Gbps. Designed specifically to address the growing need for a parallel, system-oriented test methodology while offering world-class signal integrity, the SV5C integrates multiple innovations to enable the self-contained validation, characterization, and test of complex, multi-channel links such as those found in PCI Express Gen 4, MIPI M-PHY Gear 4, DisplayPort v1.4, HDMI v2.1, as well as several upcoming or proprietary standards. These standards are critical for serving the ever-growing needs of the consumer, automotive, data center, and mobile computing markets.

“Product engineering teams and R&D test engineers face almost insurmountable challenges in bringing up and validating modern SerDes links based on ‘closed-eye’ specifications,” said Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Introspect Technology CEO. “Introspect has set out to become an indispensable part of their toolbox by offering ultra-compact, yet highly innovative solutions to accelerate gaining insights into the performance margins of their links. A system-oriented approach is what is needed at the world’s leading verification labs, and Introspect’s Personalized SerDes Testers are the world’s premier solutions for enabling this approach,” he continued.

Truly self-contained, the SV5C includes calibrated signal impairment generation capability as well as various signal parameter measurement features. And, when coupled with the Introspect ESP Software environment, the SV5C enables product engineers who possess widely varying skill sets to efficiently work with and develop SerDes verification algorithms. Through the user-friendly Introspect ESP Software, the SV5C offers calibrated jitter injection, pre-emphasis generation, common-mode voltage noise injection, differential-mode voltage noise injection, and DC common-mode level control on the pattern generator outputs. Similarly, it offers eye diagram testing, per-channel clock recovery, per channel equalization, and per channel gain amplifiers inside its error detectors. The availability of these features helps with device loopback training, link equalization training, and error correction code verification. It also helps render the SV5C as the central component of a complete high-volume characterization station consisting of the tester itself, a device handler, and device power supplies, all controlled using a single software environment.

The SV5C is offered with two speed grades, 12.5 Gbps and 17 Gbps. It is available for purchase immediately, and it is fully supported in the Introspect ESP Software.

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