Montréal, Canada, March 22, 2016 — Introspect Technology, maker of innovative products that address the entire multi-Gbps test and measurement instrument experience, today announced the release of the SV2C Personalized SerDes Tester, a highly capable BERT solution enabling the test and validation of two 100G links (8 x 28 Gbps) simultaneously. Leveraging Introspect’s unique compact test architecture, the SV2C contains 8 arbitrary pattern generators with integrated jitter injection, voltage swing control, and de-emphasis control. Additionally, it contains 8 receivers with per-pin hardware clock recovery, error detection, and jitter analysis.

The optical fiber and telecommunications market continues its rapid adoption of 100G technology, and this drives a need for highly versatile and portable tools. Introspect Technology fills this need with the SV2C and its accompanying software development environment. The SV2C has been released today at the OFC Conference in Anaheim. On display at booth 1366 is an SV2C driving a commercially available Finisar 100G-SR4 QSFP28 mated to 300 meters of Commscope LazrSPEED 550 Wideband Multimode Fiber. Prior to today, the SV2C has been deployed at key user accounts enabling both electrical validation of SerDes components as well as production testing of components, transceivers, and cable assemblies.

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