Montréal, Canada, September 11, 2015 – Please join us in this complimentary workshop to experience the latest MIPI interface technologies and their associated validation techniques. Enjoy face to face interaction with Introspect’s experts as well as other professionals in our field covering an array of hot topics and exciting product demonstrations.

Why this event is important:

Modern MIPI interfaces enable remarkable user experiences through the deployment of highly innovative electrical signaling and protocol technologies. Developing and validating such interfaces can be daunting and time consuming due to the frequent protocol updates, large parameter and lane counts, unique signaling requirements, and complex protocol interactions. This workshop will highlight the latest MIPI specifications as well as hardware and software solutions from Introspect Technology, enabling unprecedented efficiency in automated electrical receiver characterization, protocol validation, system-level interoperability, and volume manufacturing test.

Who should attend:

Product engineers, verification engineers, test engineers, signal integrity engineers, design engineers, application engineers, system integrators, system architects, project managers, and program managers.


12:30 — 13:30     Registration and Welcome Reception
13:30 — 14:00     MIPI Specifications Update
14:00 — 14:40     D-PHY and Its Protocols Go Ultra High-Speed!
14:40 — 15:30     Coffee Break and Product Demos
15:30 — 16:10     C-PHY and How It Encodes Your Protocols Efficiently!
16:10 — 16:45     Coffee Break and Product Demos
16:45 — 17:25     Ensuring Interoperability in the MIPI Eco-System, From Validation to Production Test
17:25 — 17:35     Wrap-Up

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