Montréal, Canada, September 26, 2014 — Introspect Technology, a MIPI Alliance Contributor Member, today announced that it will be exhibiting at the MIPI Alliance Demo Day in Shanghai, China. Using its industry-leading C-PHY generator and error detector solutions, Introspect will demonstrate complete end-to-end C-PHY link operation and BER testing at rates in excess of 2.5 Gsps.

The demonstration will take place at the Royal Meridien Hotel in Shanghai on October 9, 2014 alongside MIPI Open Day, and it will include:

  • C-PHY functional packet and test pattern generation featuring built-in hardware mapping and encoding
  • Per-wire skew injection, HS voltage injection, and LP voltage injection
  • C-PHY stressed eye generation for receiver jitter tolerance testing
  • Industry-first burst mode BER testing and error detection with unlimited start/stop durations and featuring hardware clock recovery, decoding, and demapping circuitry

C-PHY is an emerging physical layer standard that allows for significant bandwidth improvements on constrained transmission channels such as those found inside mobile terminals. Introspect’s C-PHY test coverage is based on the highly integrated SV3C Personalized SerDes Tester, capable of testing up to 32 SerDes transmitters and receivers in an ultra-compact instrument form factor.

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Introspect Technology offers the most extensible measurement and optimization tools for high-speed digital product engineering teams worldwide. Our portable, software-defined instruments deliver unprecedented productivity enhancement throughout all stages of multi-GHz product development: from bring-up characterization, to system-level integration and optimization. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ competitiveness, product quality, and time-to-market.

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