Montréal, Canada, April 23, 2014 — Introspect Technology, a MIPI Alliance Contributor Member, has introduced the SV1C C-PHY Analyzer, an ultra-compact solution for the design verification and electrical validation of semiconductors based on the emerging MIPI Alliance C-PHY specification. Image sensor, display, and applications processor manufacturers on the forefront of interface technology are able to rapidly bring-up C-PHY devices, debug protocol timings, and perform detailed symbol/packet error rate testing using this miniature test instrument that is itself just a little larger than a smart phone.

C-PHY is an emerging physical layer standard that allows for significant bandwidth improvements on constrained transmission channels such as those found inside mobile terminals. Based on innovative signaling and encoding technologies, C-PHY devices require an entirely new breed of test and measurement equipment, and Introspect’s SV1C Personalized SerDes Tester has once again proved that it was up to task. “Introspect’s remarkably swift transition from C-PHY concept to product creation and deployment is great testimony to the company’s unique tiny tester architecture and its legendary Introspect ESP development environment,” said Mohamed Hafed, Introspect Technology CEO. “With the SV1C C-PHY Analyzer, leading-edge customers are able to confidently assure transmitter device performance and interoperability with a proven, third-party supported reference standard that incorporates all necessary C-PHY technologies such as dynamic termination and multi-wire clock recovery,” he continued.

Introspect’s SV1C C-PHY Analyzer is available today, and it includes the following capabilities:

  • End-point receiver with integrated dynamic termination, eliminating the need for high-impedance probes or external termination boards
  • Multi-wire clock recovery
  • Triggered packet capture based on LP transitions
  • Continuous multi-packet capture for rapid signal and protocol debugging
  • Proprietary multi-target BER technology that allows for individual wire measurement or entire symbol and packet error rate measurement
  • Burst-mode and continuous mode operation
  • Protocol timing analysis and sophisticated data viewer tools

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