Introspect Catalogs

MK-D001E-E-16188 – Introspect MIPI Catalog

MIPI Solutions: Design to Production. Catalog of industry leading solutions for laboratory, validation, and production testing in the rapidly changing landscape of high-speed I/O.

MK-D002E-E-15168 Introspect Telecom Catalog

Empowering Solutions for High-Speed Communications Catalog of industry leading solutions for laboratory, validation, and production testing in the rapidly changing landscape of high-speed I/O.



This slideshow gives a brief overview of the application of Introspect ESP for FPGA systems. With true instrument-grade measurement technology, a familiar signal integrity instrument interface, and a world-class scripting environment, ESP will allow you to optimize and verify your links in minutes.


This slideshow describes an emerging application in the high-speed digital interface market and that is virtually impossible to address efficiently with conventional tools. Introspect ESP can be used to perform high-fidelity verification of signal paths on probe cards over tens or hundreds of channels simultaneously.

Receiver Optimization Using Introspect ESP

This slide show illustrates how easy it is to perform link optimization using Introspect ESP. The tool allows for parallel and completely configurable optimization sweeps that are often needed for high-speed links. As the scale and speed of links both increase, this approach to product development is inevitable.

White Papers

Jitter Transfer Functions in Minutes

This short paper describes how the SV1C can be used to rapidly perform jitter transfer tests on PLLs or CDR circuits. Within minutes, one is able to write a Test Procedure, execute it, and visualize its results.

Crosstalk Measurements Made Easy

This short paper shows how to use the SV1C to measure and understand crosstalk effects on SerDes links. It describes simple visualization techniques and concepts related to the quantification of crosstalk-induced noise.

M-PHY Receiver Test

Need to perform electrical receiver testing on your next MIPI Alliance M-PHY device? This white paper describes how the remarkable SV1C Personalized SerDes Tester can replace an entire rack of conventional equipment to help you achieve this… and do multiple devices in parallel too!


Testing SerDes I-O links the third time around

This is an EE Times article that addresses the important topic of verifying and optimizing SerDes links on application boards. We illustrate the unique test challenges for this phase of SerDes instantiation and the emergence of high-parallelism, high-flexibility tools like the ones shown on this web site.


ESP User Manual

User guide for the Introspect ESP Software.

Tutorials / Development Notes

Using Python Modules Outside Introspect

What if you already have a Python environment and just want to connect our hardware/software to your existing environment? This application note describes how to use the ESP Software modules outside of the Introspect product.

Running Tests From Command Line

In some situations, you might want to develop your code in the Introspect ESP GUI but execute it outside of the GUI. For example, you might be executing the code on an embedded processor within a system configuration. This application note illustrates how to call the Test Procedure from the command line.

Plot Creator Tutorial

The name of the game in modern product engineering is “Big Data”. It is often more important to analyze the mixed-signal SerDes data than to acquire it in the first place. Introspect ESP includes advanced analysis and plotting utilities for processing the large volumes of data generated by high-parallelism tests, and the application note offers a quick-start tutorial on this.

Data File Tutorial

Say you have collected some calibration data elsewhere and need to import it into your Introspect Tests. Or, say you want to generate complete data logs of your tests that you have performed in Introspect. This tutorial shows how to open or write data files for this purpose.

Html Report Writer Tutorial

HTML report generation is described in this application note. Whether your goal is to document results or to create your own custom conformance test suite, this tutorial illustrates how to manage data and display it.