Innovative test and measurement products for high-speed digital applications.


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Welcome to Introspect Technology. We dramatically help our customers in the component and electronic systems marketplace achieve productivity and product-engineering quality. We do so by offering products that allow for the creation of the entire multi-Gbps test and measurement instrument experience, but in form factors and incarnations that were not imaginable in the past. In the English language, “to introspect” is “to self-measure or self-examine” and this bears direct relevance to the strength of our Introspect ESP product for embedded applications, and it rings true for our compact SerDes instruments as well.

Our logo is shown on this web site. Borne out of the fact that more measurements translate into more productivity, our logo treatment integrates the word “introspect” with a circular background that resembles a magnifying glass. Our company allows our customers to “introspect” or make more measurements, whether these measurements are for development, for bench validation, or for production, and this translates into enhanced productivity and profitability.

Introspect Technology offers unique products in the Test & Measurement space – compact, handheld devices with ATE-matching capabilities, Direct-Attached SerDes testers that eliminate the need for cables, and a complete IDE, python-based test automation software package for electronic engineering professionals.

Based in Montreal, QC., Canada, Introspect Technology has a Global partner network, as well as customers worldwide, with distributors in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Israel, the United States, Canada, and beyond.

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