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It’s easy to think of the Introspect ESP Software as a testing software, but it is so flexible that it can actually be used for real-life application development (or application prototypes). In a particular case, the real-life application is creating a user interface for an accelerometer device that operates over MIPI® Alliance I3C®. The user interface allows a computer to detect the orientation (angle) of the sensor.

Picture it: A sensor device (IIM-42351 Accelerometer from TDK) is placed on a PCB  which we then programmed with the SV4E I3C Test and Debug Module. Then, as demonstrated in this video, we show an application that we have developed where we can create plots of the real-time sensed positions from the sensor thanks to the Introspect ESP Software.

About the Software Interface

The software has instantiations of a master device on the SV4E I3C. This is the controller that programs the sensor through I3C.

In the script portion, we assigned a dynamic address to the sensor. Then, we created all configurations necessary to wake up the sensor which can measure tilt position. The programmed registers on the sensor enable it to measure its position. Finally, we created plot applications within the Introspect ESP Software to show the sensed position in real-time. 

This is all possible thanks to the SV4E I3C doing read and write operations straight to the sensor and extracting the sensed positions. The data shows the exact corresponding measurement picked up by the sensor in the log window.


A demonstration of the Introspect ESP Software capturing data in real-time.
Fig. 1: A demonstration of the Introspect ESP Software capturing sense position in real-time.


“This is the power of the Introspect ESP Software. We’re not talking about a device that simply captures a protocol analyzer trace. We’re talking about a device that can enable complete application development.”

– Dr. Mohamed Hafed, CEO of Introspect Technology

The SV4E I3C Test and Debug Module becomes a powerful prototyping solution where we can create real life applications with the power of Python all within a matter of minutes. Together with the Introspect ESP Software, we’re reaching new realms of rapid application development and prototyping.

Check out the full demonstration of this application in real-time in the video below:



Four Benefits of the SV4E I3C

  • Four independent lanes of SDA/SCL in an ultra-compact form factor
  • I3C and I3C Basic protocol support with real time voltage and timing controls, as well as JEDEC® SidebandBus protocol support with high level APIs for all JEDEC-compliant device types
  • Scripting capability is ideal for debug, verification, and full-fledged production screening
  • Flexible architecture and infield upgradability that allows for tracking rapid MIPI protocol evolution


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