Montreal, Canada, June 13, 2024Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments for high-speed digital applications, announced today the addition of MIPI SoundWire® to its SV6E-X Mid-Frequency Digital Test Module, giving design validation engineers an all-in-one complete tool kit to exercise and analyze their audio peripherals or microcontroller components.  

MIPI SoundWire is a digital protocol specification developed by the MIPI® Alliance for audio applications. Used for interfacing to audio peripherals such as microphones or speakers, this standard is finding use in immersive mobile and laptop audio applications as well as innovative machine-learning applications such as predictive maintenance. 

By using the Introspect Technology SV6E-X SoundWire features, engineers can ease the development and validation of this sophisticated protocol. Specifically, the SV6E-X can act as a manager device to configure and program multiple peripherals. It can also act as a peripheral device being configured by an external manager. Through scripting and a very rich programming API within Introspect’s award-winning Pinetree software, the SV6E-X helps reduce time to market, achieve product quality, and assess conformance to the MIPI specifications.

“We’ve added SoundWire to our portfolio of protocols which include MIPI I3C and JEDEC SidebandBus among others so that our customers can support their multi-protocol development roadmaps with a single all-in-one tool,” says Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Chief Executive Officer of Introspect Technology. “With our fully integrated hardware and software, developers can take advantage of the flexibility to validate multi-bus or multi-manager/multi-peripheral topologies.”

Introspect’s tools give developers the insights and versatility to fully debug, test, and develop their own systems. SV6E-X with the SoundWire protocol can support:

  • Functional stress testing over a large frequency range (200 kHz up to 13 MHz) and a large voltage range (0.8 V – 3.6 V)
  • Verification of power-saving mode by temporarily stopping the clock
  • In-Band wakeup signaling from the peripheral to start the bus
  • In-Band Interrupt requests for status monitoring of bus peripherals
  • Protocol-defined data payload and control information transport with fine timing control and with programmable clock to data skew
  • Protocol-based bit error injection capability

Existing SV6E-X hardware can be upgraded remotely to include a SoundWire license. Begin testing and validating your latest audio devices now by contacting the Introspect Technology sales team or by reaching us at

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SV6E-X with the SoundWire

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