Santa Clara, CA, January 31, 2024 – Introspect Technology, a leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments for high-speed digital applications, proudly unveils the SV7M-LPDDR5PA Protocol Analyzer, a significant solution to advance validating and debugging of LPDDR5 and LPDDR5x memory interfaces. This release provides a complete toolkit performing true system level protocol analysis of DDR memory traffic, a radical departure from current industry convention.

Crafted on the foundation of Introspect’s proprietary hardware, the SV7M-LPDDR5PA, combined with a Remote Sampling Head, boasts a full range of innovation features:

  • 32 channels: Providing coverage for both the command bus and the data bus of a LPDDR5 memory system.
  • Advanced interposer systems with active probe technology: Providing low loading and super signal integrity.
  • Package on Package (PoP) interposers: The most LPDDR memory implementations in the world are often the most integrated. These implementations place the memory on top of the host CPU, thus making probing almost impossible.
  • 16GByte on-board Memory Space
  • Built-in JEDEC® Timing Parameter Measurements and Protocol Analysis
  • Full suite of BERT Measurement Tools: Can replace oscilloscope testing for in-place environments where electrical tests are performed.

Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Founder & CEO of Introspect Technology emphasizes the significance of the SV7M LPDDR5’s modular architecture. “This solution is Introspect’s interpretation of the modern protocol analyzer: a compact design allows for very short cable lengths enabling high bandwidth operation and minimizing cable loss,” he expands. “Built around the device under test (DUT) and deploying active probe technology, this protocol analyzer prioritizes in-place testing. Recognizing the impact of environmental parameters and physical layer interactions on performance, we ensure optimal functionality and performance through this innovative set up.”

Introspect Technology remains committed to pushing the boundaries of electronic test and measurement capabilities. With the release of the SV7M-LPDDR5PA Protocol Analyzer, which is also a viable solution for DDR5 protocol analysis, the company reaffirms its leadership in providing designers and engineers with tools that enable efficient and thorough product design.

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