Montreal, Canada, January 18, 2024 — Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments for high-speed digital applications, is pleased to announce the official launch of its SV6E-X Mid-Frequency Digital Test Module. This all-inclusive solution for mid-frequency digital interface development is capable of supporting popular protocols such as Quad and Octal SPI, JEDEC SidebandBus, MIPI I3C, MIPI SoundWire, and MIPI RFFE. It is also an ideal solution for validating and analyzing system management interfaces such as Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), System Power Management Interface (SPMI), System Management Bus (SMBus), and Power Management Bus (PMBus).

“The SV6E-X stands as a pioneering solution for the growing complexities of consumer electronics,” says Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Chief Executive Officer at Introspect Technology. “With digital I/O pins, we wanted to offer engineers the same capability we offer for high-speed interfaces, enabling true flexibility and seamless integration of native protocols for every essential interface tested.”

In its incessant quest to minimize cost and maximize chip-to-chip communications bandwidth, the digital System-on-Chip (SOC) architecture has seen a bifurcation of its digital input and output (I/O) pins into two distinct categories: the SerDes based high-speed interfaces which now make up most of the pins on an SOC and the few low-speed control or general-purpose digital I/O interfaces. But what happens when these low-speed digital pins start to operate at frequencies in excess of 100 MHz? This is the problem that is addressed by the SV6E-X with its protocol testing and AC characterization features. Instead of relying on conventional vector-based pattern generators and logic analyzers, this compact unit enables true protocol-based testing (that is, handshaking) while also providing instrument-grade real-time oscilloscope measurement capability. It does so by integrating three modern-day instrument classes in one monolithic form factor: a protocol analyzer, a protocol exerciser, and a real-time oscilloscope. All three instrument classes work together seamlessly within Introspect Technology’s award-winning Pinetree software to create highly flexible testing paradigms.

Users of Introspect Technology’s SV6E-X can deploy many testing scenarios in order to enhance their product engineering efficiency. Here are a few:

  • Design validation of an I3C accelerometer integrated circuit (IC) by acting as a controller
  • AC characterization of a Quad or Octal SPI bus on a flash memory device
  • System-level testing of a power amplifier through the RFFE interface
  • AC characterization of the I3C bus on a CPU or GPU device
  • Protocol decoding of a server relying on SMBus system management

All together, the SV6E-X supports an extended voltage range from 0.8V to 3.6V for bidirectional digital interfaces, and it contains up to 20 test channels, divided into two banks of 10 channels each. Each of these channels has programmable electrical characteristics such as voltage levels, pull-up and pull-down resistors, and fine-resolution skew values, and each of them can be connected to the integrated 1 Gsps real-time oscilloscope.

The portable SV6E-X can be licensed to industry leading protocols on-demand. Create a complete solution with the optional PurVue Analyzer license, a 1 Gsps real-time oscilloscope which connects to any channel and any licensed protocol. This comprehensive digital test solution sets a new standard in versatility and performance.

The SV6E-X is available for purchase now. To learn more, contact your regional sales representative, or send us an email at

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