Montreal, Canada, March 31, 2023, – Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement tools for high speed digital applications is pleased to announce a new three-year hardware product warranty representing a significant commitment to our customers and a testament to the quality of our products and brand. 

“Our commitment to constantly improving our tools, combined with our unwavering dedication to our customers, has led us to introduce a new standard warranty for the Introspect Technology products,” says Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Chief Executive Officer at Introspect Technology. “This demonstrates our confidence in our solutions and acknowledges the trust that our customers have placed in Introspect as their preferred test and measurement tool provider,” he continues.

Previously offered as a one-year warranty with an optional extension fee, customers will now automatically benefit from this extended warranty free of charge. As of May 1st, 2023, all customer orders will be processed with this standard warranty without the need to request it. Offering cutting-edge solutions together with cost-effective, hassle-free ownership continues to be our mission, and this is reflected in our decision to extend the standard warranty period to three years. We have also improved our secure-access customer portal, which simplifies the verification of the warranty status. 

Ultimately, Introspect Technology is dedicated to strengthening our relationship with customers in their test and measurement endeavors by providing hassle-free ownership and exceptional customer support. 

About Introspect Technology

Founded in 2012, Introspect Technology designs and manufactures innovative test and measurement equipment for high-speed digital applications. Whether it is the next augmented reality headset or the level-4 autonomy engine in a mobility solution, our award-winning tools are used to develop, test, and manufacture next-generation products. In short, we help the leading global technology companies make tomorrow’s technology today’s possibility.

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