Montreal, Canada, December 2, 2022 – Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement tools for high-speed digital applications, is proud to announce that it has ranked 37th on L‘actualité’s 2022 Growth Leaders list. This list recognizes the top companies in Quebec among the recent line-up of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, as a partnership with The Globe and Mail. The placement considers companies’ three-year revenue growth and Introspect Technology has grown 182% between 2018 and 2021. 

“We are humbled to demonstrate that a local company like Introspect Technology can have a global impact and provide some returns for the Quebec economy” says Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Chief Executive Officer of Introspect Technology.

Introspect Technology is the partner to the success of countless global companies in the semiconductor, consumer electronics, automotive and communications sectors. It is by revolutionizing the scale of traditional, heavy and costly test and measurement equipment towards user-friendly and handheld instruments that Introspect Technology has been able to fill the gap in the availability of test and measurement tools for product engineers. Being keenly aware of the future of electronics components and having the talent and capacity to execute on ideas that have never been done before helps ensure we continue to meet the ever-growing demand for our expertise.

The list of 2022 Growth Leaders underlines the success of Québec entrepreneurs who generate innovations and jobs, and whose business growth is a source of wealth for Québec. Companies submitted their application for the competition on a voluntary basis and fifty companies are featured in the 2022 ranking. The full list of winners and the accompanying report can be viewed now on the L’actualité website and is currently available in the January-February 2023 print issue.

About Introspect Technology

Founded in 2012, Introspect Technology designs and manufactures innovative test and measurement equipment for high-speed digital applications. Whether it is the next augmented reality headset or the level-4 autonomy engine in a mobility solution, our award-winning tools are used to develop, test, and manufacture next-generation products. In short, we help the leading global technology companies make tomorrow’s technology today’s possibility.

About L’actualité

Since 1976, L’actualité has been the leading French-language public affairs magazine in Canada. Winner of the Magazine Grand Prix award at the 2020 National Magazine Awards, L’actualité reaches 1.1 million readers per month on its electronic and print platforms. It is a property of Mishmash Media Inc.


Les Leaders de la croissance 2022 du magazine L'Actualité

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