Montréal, Canada, June 30, 2021 – Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement tools for high-speed digital applications, announced today the introduction of the SV5C-DPRXCPRX Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY Analyzer. This ultra-compact instrument enables electrical characterization and protocol validation of components based on the latest MIPI Alliance® C-PHY and D-PHY specifications, especially those targeting C-PHY version 2.0 and the upcoming D-PHY version 3.0. Hitting the data rates that are mandated in these specifications requires very high bandwidth, sophisticated signaling technologies, and highly complex system-level and protocol features. And when it comes to testing such links, traditional solutions are often very limited. For example, most oscilloscope solutions do not have enough channels to capture a complete MIPI D-PHY or C-PHY link. Additionally, oscilloscopes do not have the memory depth required to capture complete protocol traces or video frames, and this is where the Introspect solution shines.

The SV5C-DPRXCPRX is the only test and measurement solution in the industry that offers complete test coverage for any D-PHY or C-PHY device, and it facilitates the testing process with remarkable ease. It also offers a future-proof test solution that covers a range of current and future MIPI specifications. Specifically, in addition to the C-PHY and D-PHY physical layer test features, this highly programmable test solution also includes an abundance of features for current and upcoming CSI-2 camera serial interface specification releases, as well as current and upcoming DSI-2 display serial interface specification releases.

“Introspect has once again renewed its commitment to the MIPI ecosystem by introducing the SV5C-DPRXCPRX Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY Analyzer”, said Dr. Mohamed Hafed, Introspect Technology CEO. “Image sensor, display, and ISP manufacturers on the forefront of interface technology are now able to rapidly bring-up D-PHY and C-PHY devices, debug protocol timings, and perform detailed symbol/packet error rate testing using this miniature test instrument that is full of innovations,” he continued.


Completely Integrated Solution

The most important hallmark of the SV5C-DPRXCPRX transmitter test solution is that it is completely integrated. LP/HS switching is handled automatically – there is no need for a termination board or other external equipment. Moreover, it has true combo input pins, with the same set of pins either acting as a 4 lane D-PHY port or a 4-trio C-PHY port. This true combo capability enables dual-roadmap development paradigms and helps protect equipment investments.


Industry-Leading Three-Wire C-PHY CDR

Introspect Technology has continuously refined its three-wire C-PHY clock and data recovery (CDR) technology since the introduction of the World’s first C-PHY analyzer back in 2014. Now in its third-generation implementation, the Introspect C-PHY CDR is able to reliably sample device under test (DUT) signals at the highest symbol rates of the new MIPI specifications. Combined with advanced equalization circuitry, the CDR can handle stressed eye conditions where there is significant degradation in the signals being measured.


Award Winning Software

Control of the SV5C-DPRXCPRX happens through the award winning Introspect ESP Software. The software strikes a perfect balance between ease of usability and infinite programmability. On the one hand, all capture parameters are easily accessible through property tables that enable one-click analysis of MIPI packets. And, on the other, the software offers a comprehensive Python-based integrated development environment, thus allowing the creation of automated tests in a matter of minutes.


Analog Sampling Technology

The SV5C-DPRXCPRX Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY Analyzer provides analog waveform capture capability in both high-impedance mode and controlled-impedance mode. Additionally, it provides both single-ended measurements and differential measurements, thus enabling detailed analysis of signal phenomena. Most importantly, the analyzer can do all of these measurements on live CSI-2 or DSI-2 traffic. The user can simply transmit a video frame and then request an analog waveform capture. Signal parameters such as rise time, fall time, amplitude levels for D-PHY, and strong and weak amplitude levels for C-PHY can be measured. Additionally, the analyzer can construct eye diagrams on both D-PHY and C-PHY, with the C-PHY eye diagrams following the triggered eye methodology that is commonly used in C-PHY.


Conformance Test Suites (CTS) and Automated Calibration Scripts

The SV5C-DPRXCPRX supports C-PHY 2.0 and D-PHY 3.0 transmitter Conformance Test Suite (CTS) testing as well as CSI-2 and DSI-2 transmitter CTS testing. Conformance test suites from Introspect provide convenient methods for selecting and executing tests and generate easy-to-read summaries of Pass/Fail conformance test results. Each CTS application contains code which may be customized for the creation of automated calibration scripts and customer-specific CTS automation.


The unveiling of Introspect Technology’s SV5C-DPRXCPRX Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY Analyzer represents a key step towards the widespread adoption of the C-PHY Version 2.0 and D-PHY Version 3.0 specifications by the mobile and mobile-influenced industries. With its small form factor and extensive feature set, this solution is suitable for a myriad of test and measurement domains; it is not only valuable for verification engineers that perform traditional characterization tasks, but it is also ideal for FPGA developers and software developers who need rapid turnaround signal verification tools or hardware-software interoperability confirmation tools.


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