Montreal, Canada, July 11, 2019Introspect Technology, leading manufacturer of test and measurement tools for high-speed digital applications, today released a new solution to help automotive OEMs and suppliers test sensor-based features that rely on continuous image streaming. Widely adopted in both mobile and automotive applications because of its ease of use and ability to support advanced imaging and vision features, the MIPI® Alliance Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2SM) is now being used to power vehicle systems that depend on continuous streaming and recording. To help manufacturers validate systems based on CSI-2 streaming and ensure that rigorous quality standards are met, Introspect has developed an innovative visualization tool that displays live MIPI camera streams of any rate, resolution, or virtual channel on a 4K high-resolution HDMI® monitor. Based on the company’s SV4E, Introspect’s flexible MIPI CSI-2 to HDMI Converter will enable automotive manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers, and OEMs to quickly and cost-effectively deliver CSI-2-based vehicle features that meet strict testing requirements.


Testing the complex digital systems that drive continuous data streaming within vehicles

The most advanced automotive platforms for safety, infotainment, and advanced driver assistance rely heavily on the successful and accurate transmission of continuous data from a car’s camera and radar sensors to its electronic control unit (ECU) where this data is processed. For example, the vision systems for self-driving or the systems that monitor driver fatigue must continuously sense the environment and reliably transmit sensed data to the ECU in real time. These streaming systems are complex, often using a single cable to transmit multiple channels of video with various resolution levels from more than one camera source. What this means for testing is that the tool used to validate the camera links must have the ability to detect all the different frame rates and resolutions being produced by the various camera sensors. In terms of quality testing, automobile systems must pass strict stress tests under extreme environmental conditions in order to ensure that the sensor-based links will operate in very hot or very cold temperatures or in the presence of large mechanical vibrations.

To test the complex digital systems that drive continuous data streaming within cars, automotive and camera module OEMs must create a test setup where the long-term streaming behavior of camera links can be observed under stress testing conditions like thermal testing or vibration testing. This setup can be achieved with the Introspect SV4E MIPI CSI-2 to HDMI Converter. The SV4E-CSI2-HDMI can be attached to any CSI-2 camera output (or LiDAR output producing CSI-2 packets), and it will automatically display the image that is being sent by the camera onto a high-resolution 4K TV monitor.

SV4E-CSI2-HDMI testing a complete multi-sensor automotive link
SV4E-CSI2-HDMI testing a complete multi-sensor automotive link


Features of Introspect’s SV4E-CSI2-HDMI

Introspect’s SV4E-CSI2-HDMI is particularly tuned for high-performance MIPI D-PHY SM links that can have aggregate bandwidths in excess of 10 Gbps. The following is a list of the solution’s main features:

  • HDMI version 2.0 video output with a bandwidth of 18 Gbps
  • CSI-2 lane configurations ranging from 1 lane to 4 lanes and 1 clock lane
  • Automatic isolation of all CSI-2 virtual channels
  • User-definable image stream resolution and frame rate
  • Automatic video buffering and processing
  • Automatic active pixel extraction and encoding
  • Programmable selection of which virtual channel to display on the HDMI monitor
  • Programmable Bayer filtering for RAW pixel formats

With the advent of autonomous cars and self-driving, automobiles are becoming real-time decision makers, relying on the continuous and accurate transmission of information generated by sensors. This means that test and measurement products like Introspect’s SV4E-CSI2-HDMI will play a key role in enabling the sensor-based systems behind safer next-generation vehicles.

Introspect Technology’s SV4E MIPI CSI-2 to HDMI Converter is now available for purchase from Introspect Technology or through one of its approved worldwide distributors.


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