Montréal, Canada, February 22, 2019 — Introspect Technology is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Primeasure Technologies Private Limited, sales representatives who provide measurement solutions to customers in the R&D and manufacturing sectors of the electronics industry. The partnership is envisioned to provide strong pre- and post-sales support to the wide and rapidly growing tech industry in India.

The strategic partnership with Primeasure is also part of Introspect Technology’s global acceleration initiative to build and sustain new markets in Asia. We are excited to work with Primeasure to establish our brand in the Indian market and to enable up-and-coming design and validation engineers with our innovative test and measurement solutions.


About Primeasure Technologies 

Since 2005, Primeasure Technologies has been providing solutions to customers in the broadcast industry as well offering measurement solutions to engineers in the R&D and manufacturing sectors of the electronics industry. Today, the company represents the top companies in the electronic test and measurement industry including Grass Valley, Teledyne Lecroy, Coherent Solutions, and Introspect Technology.


About Introspect Technology

Introspect Technology offers the most extensible measurement and optimization tools for high-speed digital product engineering teams worldwide. Our portable, software-defined instruments deliver unprecedented productivity enhancement throughout all stages of multi-GHz product development: from bring-up characterization to system-level integration and optimization. Our mission is to enhance competitiveness, product quality, and time-to-market for our customers.

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