Introspect ESP

This video provides a basic overview of Introspect ESP running on an Altera Stratix V Signal Integrity Kit. The video also presents the basic concepts of the tool and how, with no FPGA experience, you are able to bring up, measure, and optimize a SerDes link in minutes.

Here, we show how easy it is to optimize receiver equalization parameters on a high-speed link. Introspect ESP includes pre-built functions for optimization so that you spend less time worrying and more time developing.

The last time we checked, SerDes interfaces had thousands of parameter values to control and modify, and this number keeps increasing exponentially. In this video, we show how to modify transmit pre-emphasis in Introspect ESP, and how the combination of a clean user-experience and an ultra-capable scripting technology enable maximum productivity.

Jitter injection is a breeze to achieve with Introspect ESP. The following video illustrates this.

Back to the topic of optimization and the large volume of data that needs to be connected, here we illustrate how you can set up multi-dimensional sweeps within minutes. We recognize that the task of acquiring the data itself can be quite time-consuming, so we have worked hard to make sure that the task of developing the code is a breeze. The goal is to spend time acquiring the data and not fighting with programming intricacy.