Industry-Leading SV3C-DPTX MIPI D-PHY Generator

The SV3C-DPTX MIPI D-PHY Generator is an ultra-portable, high-performance instrument that enables exercising and validating MIPI D-PHY receiver ports. Capable of generating any traffic and being completely data-rate agile, the D-PHY generator includes analog parameter controls that enable gaining deep insights into receiver sensitivity performance and skew / jitter tolerance.

The D-PHY Generator operates using the highly versatile Introspect ESP Software environment. This environment allows for automating receiver tests such as voltage sensitivity or clock-to-data setup and hold times. The environment also includes MIPI pattern compiler tools that enable the generation of complete DSI or CSI packets such as those characteristic of color bars or active image frames.

Key Benefits

  • Any-rate operation
  • Clock and data skew injection with 1 ps resolution
  • Per-lane HS voltage level and common-mode control
  • Per-lane multi-source jitter injection
  • Per-lane LP generation
  • State of the art programming environment based on the highly intuitive Python language
  • Reconfigurable, protocol customization (on request)

Key Features

Any-Rate Programming

The D-PHY Generator builds on Introspect’s data rate synthesis technology. Data rate programming happens through software commands and the Generator is capable of maintaining alignment and maintaining the ability to generate calibrated clock/data skews at any data rate.

Integrated LP and HS Generation

The D-PHY Generator offers truly integrated LP pattern generation, as illustrated in Figure 1 (a) and (b). The inclusion of LP allows for the creation of realistic stimulus conditions, and it also enables validating key MIPI D-PHY global timing parameters that are related to HS-entry. Figure 1(b) also illustrates an example of the voltage control of the D-PHY Generator. Lane 1 in the figure has been programmed with a positive HS common voltage, while Lane 4 has been programmed with a negative common mode voltage.

HS Timing Control

The D-PHY Generator also offers fine control over HS timing. Figure 2(a) illustrates a sample skew sweep which can be injected between HS clock and data lines, and Figure 2(b) demonstrates the individual jitter injection control for each HS clock and data lane. In the figure, Lane 4 is programmed to inject more jitter than Lane 1.

Software Automation

The D-PHY Generator is operated using the award winning IntrospectESP Software. It features a comprehensive scripting language with an intuitive component-based design as shown in the screen shot in Figure 3(a) and Figure 4(a). Component-based design is IntrospectESP’s way of organizing the flexibility of the instrument in a manner that allows for easy program development. It highlights to the user only the parameters that are needed for any given task, thus allowing program execution in a matter of minutes.

Included with the IntrospectESP software interface is a pattern compiler utility which provides the user with the ability to create fully-customizable MIPI-compliant patterns using high level MIPI instructions.