SV3C CPRX 4-Lane MIPI C-PHY Analyzer

The World’s First 4-Lane C-PHY Analyzer and Error Detector

The SV3C-CPRX C-PHY Analyzer is an ultra-portable, high-performance instrument that enables exercising and validating MIPI C-PHY transmitter ports. Capable of analyzing any traffic and being completely data-rate agile, the C-PHY Analyzer includes complete hardware demapping and decoding, three-wire C-PHY CDR, and offers sophisticated capture and compare modes.

The C-PHY Analyzer operates using the highly versatile Introspect ESP Software environment. This environment allows for automating transmitter tests such as BER or protocol timings.

Key Benefits


  • Any-rate operation across 4 simultaneous data lanes
  • Complete C-PHY decode and demap capability
  • Burst-mode and continuous mode analysis
  • Multi-target BER (wire, wirestate, symbol, and data)
  • High-level CSI-2 protocol capture
  • State of the art programming environment based on the highly intuitive Python language
  • Reconfigurable, protocol customization (on request)

Key Features

Multi Lane Loop Back

The SV3C CPRX Analyzer is based on the SV3C Personalized SerDes Tester, and it contains complete analog front-end circuitry for C-PHY. Specifically, the analog front-end contains LP threshold voltage detectors, dynamically controlled C-PHY termination resistors, and single-ended to differential converters for the A, B, and C wires. This allows the SV3C CPRX to act as a true protocol endpoint, capturing burst-mode data in real-time and dynamically switching its termination settings between LP and HS.

Beyond the front-end of the SV3C CPRX C-PHY Analyzer, the instrument contains a complete hardware decode and demap system for C-PHY. Three wire data, represented by binary AB, BC, and CA signals, is first sampled using an internal three-wire edge-triggered CDR. Then, the sampled data is passed through a symbol decoder in order to produce C-PHY symbols (flip, rotation, and polarity). Subsequently, the symbols are passed through a demapper in order to produce 16-bit integer data for every 7 symbols received.

Burst-Mode, Multi-Target BER Testing

This is the most fundamental feature of the SV3C CPRX C-PHY Analyzer. It enables the measurement of realistic C-PHY transmissions from CSI generators or test chips. With this feature, the Analyzer is able to ignore all signal waveforms (including LP) and only performs BER comparison on packet data that is transmitted between SYNC and POST words.

Additionally, the SV3C CPRX C-PHY Analyzer is able to measure BER at multiple points within the C-PHY decode chain simultaneously. Due to the multi-wire nature of the C-PHY bus, this capability is tremendously useful for debugging individual wire failures: if decoding and demapping errors exist, a single wire measurement can be performed to quickly identify connectivity or signal integrity issues.

Completing the C-PHY Tool Landscape

The SV3C CPRX offers the only tool in the industry to automatically decode the symbol transmissions and display received packets in human-readable format. This makes it indispensable for first-time bring-up of early C-PHY test chips or complete sensor/APU products. For transmitter testing, it is capable of performing global timing measurements, LP and HS analog measurements, and BER testing. Similarly, for receiver testing, the SV3C CPRX becomes a critical interoperability tool, confirming stimulus conditions and preparing the bench for first product bring-up. Finally, the SV3C CPRX is a true system-level tester, capable of capturing, streaming, and/or analyzing live image data from devices under test.