Direct-Attach SerDes Transceiver Endpoints

Plug-in modules for high-performance testing on any load board.

The entire instrument experience. Without the cables.

Less is often more. And often, it is exactly what you need.

Everything you need to develop and verify your high-speed digital algorithms is contained in this direct-attach test instrument, but without requiring any test cables. Plug the endpoint directly onto your device or sub-system application board, and all of a sudden you have achieved the entire instrument capability in a true target system environment. With the advent of SerDes technology in mobile platforms, this approach to test and verification is inevitable. A SerDes endpoint from Introspect Technology emulates the true digital and signal integrity environment of your target application, and it offers the entire instrument experience. The result is a range of innovation possibilities: prototype new inventive software solutions with an off-the-shelf endpoint; achieve low-cost high-volume manufacturing; add signal-integrity tools to your sales demonstration kits; or enhance your field-support capabilities with portable tools.


28 Gbps


32 Tx/Rx Pairs


Full Handshake Capability


DUT Control

Designed for the environment. Your test environment.

Single power supply. Low-cost connector. Integrated everything.

Imagine if you could have signal integrity and protocol handshake testing/characterization right on your application board. This is what we call ENDPOINT TESTING, and it provides limitless possibilities for your test environment. You finally have a true emulator of the entire suite of digital and analog signal environment that your application will ultimately experience in the field. Our direct-attach endpoint does this and more, and it is dead simple to use. It only requires a single 12VDC input that has extremely relaxed requirements and only 4 control wires. Everything else is integrated, just as you would expect from an instrument and more. Simply put, our endpoint offers signal integrity and protocol hand-shake right on your application board, and it is dead easy to integrate!


12V DC Input


Low-Cost Footprint


Integrated Synthesis


Integrated Cooling

In complete control.

It communicates. It controls. It measures.

Your products are software-defined, and this is allowing you to create ultra-innovative solutions. We believe that an instrument should accelerate your innovation and not stifle it. This is why our software-defined SerDes endpoint integrates DUT-control features that will forever change how you program your characterization sweeps. Using a single Introspect Technology endpoint, you are now able to program your device and — most importantly — interact with it; not just measure its signal integrity under very rigid unrealistic conditions. Coupled with the Introspect ESP Software tools, you can create infinitely varied characterization and operation sweeps without requiring any additional tools.


JTAG Control


I2C Master


SPI Master


Protocol Aware

Powered by Introspect ESP.

The world’s most advanced test development environment.

Introspect ESP makes using Introspect test systems intuitive and easy. It exploits every capability of the hardware system in order to allow you to be the most efficient at developing your algorithms and test code. Intelligently self-aware, this environment keeps track of every setting that you take the system through, thus never losing track of your every debug step. The show-as-test feature allows you to restore any instrument and device-under-test state even if you have not saved your most recent Test Procedure. Coupled with built-in report generation and a remarkably simple user interface, the Introspect ESP environment allows you to develop, execute, and report on your tests in record time.


  • Multi-Platform
  • Modular Implementation
  • Completely Scripted
  • Remarkably Simple
Product NameMaximum Data RateTx LanesRx LanesConfiguration
SV1D-44Gbps88Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV1D-88 Gbps88Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV1D-1212.5 Gbps88Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV1D-1414 Gbps88Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV2D-2828 Gbps88Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV3D-44 Gbps3232Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV3D-88 Gbps3232Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV3D-1212.5 Gbps3232Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
SV3D-1414 Gbps3232Plug-in, any-rate test card & reference layout guidelines
Product NameDescription
SV1MCarrier Board for SV1 Direct Attach Module
SV2MCarrier Board for SV2 Direct Attach Module
SV3MCarrier Board for SV3 Direct Attach Module
CABLE-MXP-K-MCABLE-MXP-K-M – Huber+Suhner 8×2 MXP-to-K Male (305 mm / 12″)
CABLE-MXP-K-FCABLE-MXP-K-F – Huber+Suhner 8×2 MXP-to-K Female (305 mm / 12″)
CABLE-MXP-SMA-FCABLE-MXP-SMA-F – Huber+Suhner 8×2 MXP-to-SMA Female (305 mm / 12″)
CABLE-MXP-MXPCABLE-MXP-MXP – Huber+Suhner 8×2 MXP-to-MXP Harness (305 mm / 12″)

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