Partnered for Success

We partner with the following industry leaders to deliver excellent products and services to our marketplace.

CloudTesting™ Service is the test and measurement system that you can build your own environment by selecting and combining Testing IPs. Fees for Testing IPs are paid monthly. So you can use necessary functions where and when needed.

By combining the CloudTesting™ Service with the SV1D from Introspect Technology, an AC characteristic measuring environment can be built using high-speed digital signals with speeds between 250 Mbps to 12.5 Gbps while reducing the facility environment, power consumption, air conditioning costs, jig costs, and maintenance costs associated with high-speed LSI testers. Training is also unnecessary as complex programming is not required.

A value-added reseller, ATE Service works with our customers to create total solutions in the Japan marketplace. It offers simulation services, test fixture design services, and test engineering services. Introspect Technology works closely with ATE Service in order to optimize user experience for our products. The result is enhanced productivity for customers in the Japan marketplace.